Cards Plus combines two award winning programs into one extraordinary low priced, high value package. Cards Right Now 1st Edition is already a bargain at $9.99. Now, for only 99 cents more you also get Life Organizer for a savings of $10 or 48% for both products.


1st Edition is a collection of 210 all occasion greeting & note cards (birthday, holiday & more) with photographs and illustrations taken from nature. Cards are written & ready to print as needed. Life Organizer is a simple tool that enables individuals and families to organize their lives.


Download Cards Plus now for the sensational price of only $10.98! For Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems


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A personal library of over 200 quality greeting cards for all occasions featuring photographs and illustrations from nature. Cards are written, formatted and ready to print as needed. Inside these cards are beautiful, moving and sometimes funny messages. Also included are blank cards and blank cards with quotations that can be used for any occasion, holiday or personal message.

Life Organizer enables individuals and families to organize their lives in a way that is easy and takes very little time. Birthdays, meetings, appointments and special events will be accurately scheduled and remembered through the use of the timeless calendar that never expires. Includes a handy form to instruct family members who to contact and what to do if an emergency were to arise. Comes with 12 bonus posters featuring moving quotes from famous authors.



Purchase Cards Plus (both Cards Right Now 1st Edition & Life Organizer) now & immediately download for only $10.98



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